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Boganbirds Photos - Overview

A Catalogue of Australian Birds in the Wildand Urban Environments


A catalogue and blog of mainly Australian birds in the wild and city parks and reserves, shown in the context of their surrounding habitat

Variegated Fairy-wrens


Hiking along a bush track in Mortdale - trying to pin down some Variegated Fairy-wrens in the undergrowth, for a group photo session


A Little Corella in the Park


A Little Corella - enjoying a picnic in the park, on a pleasant afternoon in Kogarah


Crimson Rosella in a Casuarina Tree

  A brightly coloured Crimson Rosella - perched in a Casuarina tree in Oatley Park

Cockatoo Snacking in Mortdale


A Sulfur-crested Cockatoo - quietly snacking on Eucalyptus tree blossoms, in Mortdale

Migrating Channel-billed Cuckoo


Seasonal migrating Channel-billed Cuckoo - visiting bushland in Mortdale and Oatley Park


Cockatoo Flexing some Punk Style Attitude


Here's an agitated Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, flexing some punk style, macho attitude


Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst Heights


A Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst Heights - bringing colour and beauty to brighten up your day


Pelican and Friends



A Pelican hanging out with friends - along the Woronora River

Fluffy Cockatoo in Carlton



A fluffy Sulfur-crested Cockatoo in a Carlton backstreet - waiting for the postman


Chirpy Rose Robin in Albion Park



A chirpy little Rose Robin - flittering about in a small clump of Eucalyptus trees - on a warm and pleasant August afternoon, near Albion Park

Brush Turkey Kicking up a Lot of Dirt


Now here's a male Brush Turkey in Atarmon, kicking up lot of dirt and rolling the eyes - not too happy about something or other

Eastern Rosella in Contrasting Colours


The bright splashes of red on this colourful Eastern Rosella, contrasting against green background undergrowth - alerts me for a quick snap or two


Bright Eyed Seagull in Como

  A bright eyed and alert looking Seagull in Como - taking in some early morning vistas across the Georges River

Masked Lapwings in Connells Point



A pair of Masked Lapwings enjoying an early morning hike in Connells Point - walking in sync beside the Georges River


A Mischievous Pair of Macaws


A mischievous pair of local, free-roaming Macaws in Mount White - volunteering for traffic watch over the highway

Plump Pigeon at Brighton-Le-Sands


Now here's a plump and healthy looking local pigeon in Brighton-Le-Sands - enjoying some early morning views over Botany Bay

Cheerful Lorikeet in Sutherland


Here's cheerful looking Lorikeet birdie in Sutherland - to brighten up a chilly start to the day


A Purple Swamphen in a Swampy Waterway


A Purple Swamphen - feeling at home in this swampy waterway in Oatley Park

Little Corella Munching on a Snack


A Little Corella in Sans Souci - observing the chap below with the camera, whilst munching on a small snack

A Handsome Kookaburra in the Thickets


A handsome looking Kookaburra in the thickets along the Woronora River - one of the locals in the Burnum Burnum bush sanctuary


A Little Black Cormorant in Como

  A Little Black Cormorrant at the Como Marina - inspecting the views across the Georges River

Cockatoo Shopping in Miranda

  It's "Late Night Shopping" in Miranda - and this smart Cocky decided to grab a few groceries from ALDI before it got too crowded

Bright Coloured Crimson Rosellas

  Bright coloured Crimson Rosellas - feeding at ground level in Peakhurst

Australasian Figbird in Moore Reserve


A female Australasian Figbird in Moore Reserve, Oatley - often called a Green Figbird


Eastern Rosella in the Undergrowth


An Eastern Rosella, moving around the weedy bushland undergrowth - and soaking up some afternoon sunshine in Mortdale


Peeking out from a Treehouse


Looks like another decent day coming up in Oatley Park - for this Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, peeking out of his treehouse 

Seagulls on Wanda Beach


Some of the local beach bums (aka Seagulls) in Cronulla - soaking up the warm afternoon sun on Wanda Beach

Rainbow Lorikeet Smiling


We've moved into August, and the backend of winter - Now that's something to smile about

A Local Magpie in Connells Point

  Now here's a local Magpie in Connells Point - not too happy at being scrutinised, as he enjoys some peaceful morning scenery


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