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Bushy Scenes

Another Day in Paradise



Another really decent day for a hike around Oatley Park

Riding the Alpine Way - Crackenback to Khancoban

 Riding the Alpine Way - from Crackenback to Khancoban

Heading North past Wollombi

  Heading north past Wollombi village - into the Hunter Valley

Travelling South past Mt Lindsay

  Travelling the high country south of Rathdowney, past Mount Lindsay - spiritually uplifting

Bushwalking in Barden Ridge

  A very sunny and pleasant morning for a hike in Barden Ridge , along a bush track to the Pass of Sabugal - with views towards Woronora Heights, across the river

Bushwalk to Websters Lookout

  Late afternoon bushwalking up to Websters Lookout - with the sunlight and warmth fading quickly over the Georges River

Hiking around Oatley Park


A big turnaround in the weather today, after a few days of rain and drizzle - lucky to enjoy it with a long lunchtime break in Peakhurst, and a decent hike around Oatley Park

From a Lookout in Bangor

  Some pretty decent views from a lookout in Bangor, along the Yates Point trail - and overlooking the Woronora River

Country Backstreets in Otford

  Taking a wander along some bushy backstreets in Otford - after a morning hike through the Royal National Park

Garrawarra Ridge Trail

  Back in the Royal National Park on a very chilly morning - hiking upto Werrong Lookout from Otford, along the Garrawarra Ridge trail


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