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Welcome friends, lovers of animals and bush

My Blog of Mutt Photos and Canine Wisdom


Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm planning to have a lot of fun and share heaps of useless trivia, canine wisdom and insights into a dog's life. Everyone is welcome (except felines of all background and pedigree).

Cute Border Collie in Bpmbo



Now here's a cute and fluffy Border Collie dog in Bombo - with the name of Collie

A Happy Pooch in Connells Point

  Here we have a very cute and happy pooch in Connells Point - cavorting about the park on a morning walk

Hairy Young Pooch in Como


Now here's a hairy young pooch, with a very serious case of cuteness - spotted Zella on her daily wanders around Como 


Labradors on the Beach in Kurnell



A couple of local Labrador pooches in Kurnell - enjoying a swim and frollic along Silver Beach

A Pleasant Evening Walk in Pyrmont

  A pleasant evening walk along the backstreets of Pyrmont - as the sun sets over Johnston Bay

Cute Daschund in Kulnura


Here's a cute, 10 year old Dachshund in Kulnura, named Kölsch - Hmmn, sausage-dog with a beer sounding name - nice combo


Mister Ridge in Surry Hills

  Meet Mister Ridge, one of the locals getting around Surry Hills - use to be a waywood mutt until given a second chance as a rescue dog

Catching up with a couple of Mutts



Catching up with a couple of mutts I know - "Just make yourselves comfortable guys, and smile for the camera"





Cute Pooches in Peakhurst


A couple of cute little pooches in Peakhurst - eager to set off on their regular walk around Oatley Park


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