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Jackie at The Old Road Cafe

  Here's Jackie at the Old Road Cafe in Mount White - still wandering amongst the bikers and chewing on the odd stick

Woolly Pooches on a Sheep Farm


A bunch of woolly pooches, posing for the camera - there's always one black sheep in the family


Rufus enjoying a Walk and Play


Meet 5 year old Rufus - enjoying a walk and some playtime in Gunnamatta Park

A Long Walk to Como



After a 7km walk to Como - Can you carry me home?





Looking Weary after a Long Walk



Looking (and feeling) a bit weary - after a long walk around Oatley Park





Having a Rest at Oatley Point


I need a rest after a long walk - at Oatley Point


Walking to Oatley Bay



Having a rest at Oatley Bay boat ramp - after a long walk from Peakhurst





The Cone of Shame



Wearing the cone of shame




Ready to Ride



Ok Theodore, let's go - There's so much I want to see and eat)




Not Easy being a Dog



It ain't easy being a dog





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