Masked Lapwing in the Botanic Gardens

  A Masked Lapwing in the Royal Botanic Gardens - looking out across Sydney Harbour

Another Day in Paradise



Another really decent day for a hike around Oatley Park

Amorous Cockatoos in Peakhurst

  Whispering sweet nothings - a pair of amorous Cockatoos in Peakhurst

Nature's Artwork at Dusk

  Nature’s artwork on display at dusk - whilst taking an evening stroll through a park in Kingsgrove

Hiking around the Royal Botanic Gardens

  Hiking around the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney- with very decent views nd weather

Cute Kookaburra with a City View


A cute looking Kookaburra, one of our most popular birds -enjoying some splendid city views, from the Royal Botanic Gardens

Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst



Now here's a cute Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst - starting to take a whole new perspective on life

Wandering around Sydney Harbour


Walking a "quick" circuit of the city and harbour - and enjoying some spectacular views


Riding the Alpine Way - Crackenback to Khancoban

 Riding the Alpine Way - from Crackenback to Khancoban

Alfie the Hungarian Vizsla

  Here comes Alfie, a handsome looking Hungarian Vizsla - having a cautious look before proceeding on his merry way

Misty Views from Websters Lookout

  Amisty start to the day at Websters Lookout - Looking across Jewfish Bay, at some bushy backstreets in Lugarno

Cute Alpacas in Peats Ridge



Some cute, healthy looking Alpacas - just chilling out on a farm near Peats Ridge


Seeking a Place of Isolation


Seeking a place of isolation, that's also scenic and spiritually uplifting 

Backstreet Impressions from Kiama


A few street level views and impressions - on a wander around the backstreets of Kiama

Eclectus Parrot in Rockdale

  Now here's a real treat - spotted this sweet and colourful Eclectus Parrot female, named Coco - hanging out down a side street in Rockdale

Views across Kiama Harbour


Pleasant views across Kiama Harbour - once the rain clouds started breaking up


Kookaburra Neighbours in Avoca


A couple of cute Kookaburra neighbours - dropping by to say hello, in North Avoca

A Pleasant Day at Maroubra

  A very pleasant day, and decent views - at Maroubra Beach

Cracker of a Day on Botany Bay



A cracker of a day down at Brighten-Le-Sands

Doting Galah Parents

  Being an only child does have some benefits - as demonstrated by these rather doting Galah parents

Backyard Pets in Kiama Heights



On a backstreet in Kiama Heights - where the backyards seem very spacious and the pets are rather large


Colourful Sky over Oatley Bay


Colourful sky over Oatley Bay and Moore Reserve - what a diffence after the heavy rains

Variegated Fairy-wrens


Hiking along a bush track in Mortdale - trying to pin down some Variegated Fairy-wrens in the undergrowth, for a group photo session


A Little Corella in the Park


A Little Corella - enjoying a picnic in the park, on a pleasant afternoon in Kogarah


Blue Sky over Scarborough Park


Back closer to home, on a walk around Scarborough Park - great to see some deep sky blue replacing the smoke haze


Crimson Rosella in a Casuarina Tree

  A brightly coloured Crimson Rosella - perched in a Casuarina tree in Oatley Park

Cockatoo Snacking in Mortdale


A Sulfur-crested Cockatoo - quietly snacking on Eucalyptus tree blossoms, in Mortdale

Heading North past Wollombi

  Heading north past Wollombi village - into the Hunter Valley

Eastern Grey Kangaroo near Tom Groggin

  An Eastern Grey Kangaroo, grazing in the early morning - in mountain bushland near Tom Groggin

Migrating Channel-billed Cuckoo


Seasonal migrating Channel-billed Cuckoo - visiting bushland in Mortdale and Oatley Park



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