Cockatoo Shopping in Miranda

  It's "Late Night Shopping" in Miranda - and this smart Cocky decided to grab a few groceries from ALDI before it got too crowded

Bright Coloured Crimson Rosellas

  Bright coloured Crimson Rosellas - feeding at ground level in Peakhurst

Australasian Figbird in Moore Reserve


A female Australasian Figbird in Moore Reserve, Oatley - often called a Green Figbird


Hairy Young Pooch in Como


Now here's a hairy young pooch, with a very serious case of cuteness - spotted Zella on her daily wanders around Como 


Eastern Rosella in the Undergrowth


An Eastern Rosella, moving around the weedy bushland undergrowth - and soaking up some afternoon sunshine in Mortdale


Wandering around Como

  A very pleasant and warm morning (after a chilly start to the day) - ideal for a wander around the foreshores and parks in Como

Peeking out from a Treehouse


Looks like another decent day coming up in Oatley Park - for this Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, peeking out of his treehouse 

Coastline Views in Cronulla

  A splendid afternoon, and clear views along the coastline in Cronulla - to Gibbon Head on Port Hacking to the south, and Potter Point to the north, on Botany Bay National Park

Seagulls on Wanda Beach


Some of the local beach bums (aka Seagulls) in Cronulla - soaking up the warm afternoon sun on Wanda Beach

Friendly Local Horse in Kulnurra


Saying hello to one of the friendly locals - on a country outing to Kulnura 

Labradors on the Beach in Kurnell



A couple of local Labrador pooches in Kurnell - enjoying a swim and frollic along Silver Beach

Rainbow Lorikeet Smiling


We've moved into August, and the backend of winter - Now that's something to smile about

Midday Views at Bonna Point Reserve

  Brilliant midday weather at Bonna Point Reserve - on the Kurnell Peninsula

A Local Magpie in Connells Point

  Now here's a local Magpie in Connells Point - not too happy at being scrutinised, as he enjoys some peaceful morning scenery

Little Black Cormorant Statue in Scarborough Park


No it's not a bird statue - a Little Black Cormorant, soaking up the warm sunshine, in Scarborough Park

Majestic Looking King Parrot


A fine, majestic looking bird getting around one of the many splendid reserves in Lane Cove


Street Art in Murwillumbah


Streetart with a local birdlife theme - spotted along a riverside backstreet in Murwillumbah

Cockatoo outside the Treehouse


A Sulfur-crested Cockatoo in Oatley Park - soaking up some sunshine, outside the family home (aka tree-house)

Chestnut Teals cruising in Scarborough Park


A resident family of Chesnut Teals, heading out for a morning outing - along the waterways of Scarborough Park, in Monterey


Morning Stroll in Hervey Bay


Taking an early morning stroll down the backstreets of Hervey Bay - and saying "Hello" to the some of the local residents

A Pleasant Evening Walk in Pyrmont

  A pleasant evening walk along the backstreets of Pyrmont - as the sun sets over Johnston Bay

Cute Daschund in Kulnura


Here's a cute, 10 year old Dachshund in Kulnura, named Kölsch - Hmmn, sausage-dog with a beer sounding name - nice combo


Curious Sheep Critter near Peats Ridge


A curious looking sheep critter, on a farm near Peats Ridge - not use to having a passing biker pull up and snap some travel pics


Mister Ridge in Surry Hills

  Meet Mister Ridge, one of the locals getting around Surry Hills - use to be a waywood mutt until given a second chance as a rescue dog

Scowling Cow in Minamurra


The friendly and curious smile on this cow's face soon changed to a scowl in Minnamurra - once the pestering birds gathered around


A Water Dragon in Oatley park


One of the many Water Dragons (and other lizards) to be found near the ponds and waterways of Oatley Park


Glorious Sunshine over Kogarah Bay


Great to see some glorious sunshine over Kogarah Bay - on the way home from Sans Souci

Pigeon Watching the Sunrise over Botany Bay


A local Pigeon down at Brighton-Le-Sands - watching the sunrise over Botany Bay


Wistful looking Long-billed Corella


A Long-billed Corella in Oatley Park - wistfully thinking of the day ahead, and good things to come

Bushwalking in Barden Ridge

  A very sunny and pleasant morning for a hike in Barden Ridge , along a bush track to the Pass of Sabugal - with views towards Woronora Heights, across the river


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