Seagulls in Burnum Burnum Sanctuary


A pair of Seagulls in Burnum Burnum Sanctuary - soaking up some winter sunshine, as they admire the stunning views along the Woronora River

Blue Winter Skies over the Woronora River

  Crystal blue skies and no chilly winter breezes over the Woronora River - a pleasant, sunny day at Burnum Burnum Sanctuary

Crimson Rosella in a Casuarina Tree


A Crimson Rosella - feeding in a Casuarina Tree in Mortdale, near Oatley Park


A Crested Pigeon in Mortdale


A Crested Pigeon in Mortdale - wandering along the track, in search of a feed

Cute and Fluffy Kookaburras



A couple of cute, fluffy young Kookaburras - spotted in the mossy marshlands of Oatley Park


Perky Seagull on Monterey Beach


This perky Seagull on Monterey Beach is very excited about something - and making quite a song and dance over it


Australian Wood Ducks in Mortdale


It may have been quite soggy in Mortdale after some recent drenching - but that was pefectly fine with the local Wood Ducks

Eastern Rosella in Oatley Park



Some more decent shots this beautiful Eastern Rosella - spotted on a walk around Oatley Park

Little Corellas Organization



Little Corellas gathered in Sans Souci for a management meeting

Cute Rainbow Lorikeet wants to Pose


Spotted this cute and colourful Rainbow Lorikeet in Stringybark Creek Reserve, who insisted I snap a photo - how could I refuse?


White-faced Heron in Killalea StatePark


Here's a White-faced Heron in Killalea State Park - deciding to hike around the lagoon, on a very pleasant June afternoon

Black Swans in Killalea State Park Reserve

  A pair of Black Swans, cruising on the Lagoon - on a stunning looking day in Killalea State Park reserve

Merlin Walking in Riverwood


Say hello to Merlin, a handsome looking rescue pooch - going on an afternoon circuit of a large reserve in Riverwood

Brush Turkey Soaking up the Sunshine



Here's a cute Brush Turkey lady in Stringybark Creek Reserve - soaking up some morning sunshine from her bushy tree perch

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo near Suggan Buggan

  A Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, spotted in rugged Victorian bushland near Gelantipy - on the mountain road to Suggan Buggan

Soaking up the Sunlight



Life's a bit of of a balancing act at times, for this Sulfur-crested Cockatoo in Peakhurst

Cruising on Botany Bay - A Pelican's Perspective


An early morning cruise on Botany Bay - from a Pelican's perspective in Ramsgate


Cruising on Botany Bay - A Hiker's Perspective



An early morning cruise on Botany Bay - from a hiker's perspective in Ramsgate

A Variegated Fairy-wren in Mortdale


A Variegated Fairy-wren in Mortdale - stopping for 3 or 4 microseconds, as it flitters amongst the bushy undergrowth

Bushwalk to Websters Lookout

  Late afternoon bushwalking up to Websters Lookout - with the sunlight and warmth fading quickly over the Georges River

A Royal Spoonbill Waterbird in Oatley Park

  A solitary Royal Spoonbill waterbird in Oatley Park - roaming along the gullies and bush tracks

A Cute, Young and Fluffy Lorikeet


A cute, young and fluffy Lorikeet, on a rooftop in Monterey - soaking up some sunshine, and spreading a bit of colour and cheer on a wintry afternoon

Afternoon Paddle on Oatley Bay


Taking the whole family for an afternoon paddle - Chestnut Teal ducks cruising around Oatley Bay

Elusive Rosella in Mortdale


An Eastern Rosella in Mortdale - one of a small (elusive) group I often come across, as I hike down around Oatley Park


Whitefaced Heron in Oatley Park


A White-faced Heron - crossing the bush track in Oatley Park

Hiking around Oatley Park


A big turnaround in the weather today, after a few days of rain and drizzle - lucky to enjoy it with a long lunchtime break in Peakhurst, and a decent hike around Oatley Park

A Chubby, Contented Magpie in Cronulla

  Here's a very chubby and contented Magpie in Gunnatmatta Park, Cronulla - celebrating another day with some loud warbling

Cool Winter Morning in Cronulla

  A cool winter morning in Gunnamatta Park, Cronulla - as the rain clouds lifted

Crimson Rosella in Yackandandah



A Crimson Rosella - lurking in tthe mossy undergrowth of a park in Yackandandah

Classy Old Terrace Houses in Petersham


Some colourful and classy looking cottages - in a backstreet of Petersham, Sydney



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