Cathcart Village and Farms


Cathcart Village and surrounding farms and bushland - on the road to Bombala


From Bomballa to Orbost



Travelling from Bomballa to Orbost, via Delegate

Jingalalla River Camping



Camping along the Jingalalla River, on the road from Delegate to Tubbut in northern Victoria


Sunset over the Maroochy River




Late afternoon view across the Maroochy River, near Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast



Cowwarr in the Gippsland


The small town of Cowwarr in the Victorian Gippsland distric - The Cafe Bakery closed down, but the coffee and food at the General Store are just fine


Farmland near Taggerty


Lush farmland near Taggerty and Cathedral Range State Park - along the Maroondah Highway,Victoria


Country Backroads to Warburton


Heading down some, not so busy country backroads - into Warburton


Country Cafe Bakery in Marysville

  There are a few decent cafes in Marysville, Victoria - my favourite is the Country Bakery Cafe

Wisemans Ferry Bike Ride



I've been wanting to do this ride for sometime.  I vaguely remember many years ago, cutting across the north of Sydney to Singleton via the putty road (by car).  Many good folks have suggested the Wiseman Ferry ride, and others also mentioned I should do a run upto St. Alban's as well.

I had planned to do this run one weekend with Bruno, but couldn't wait in the end. Anyway, Wednesday the 15th was a ripper of a day for biking it (no rain and under 30 celsius), so I headed off by myself relatively early in the day.




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