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A Little Corella in the Park


A Little Corella - enjoying a picnic in the park, on a pleasant afternoon in Kogarah


Crimson Rosella in a Casuarina Tree

  A brightly coloured Crimson Rosella - perched in a Casuarina tree in Oatley Park

Cockatoo Snacking in Mortdale


A Sulfur-crested Cockatoo - quietly snacking on Eucalyptus tree blossoms, in Mortdale

Cockatoo Flexing some Punk Style Attitude


Here's an agitated Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, flexing some punk style, macho attitude


Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst Heights


A Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst Heights - bringing colour and beauty to brighten up your day


Fluffy Cockatoo in Carlton



A fluffy Sulfur-crested Cockatoo in a Carlton backstreet - waiting for the postman


Eastern Rosella in Contrasting Colours


The bright splashes of red on this colourful Eastern Rosella, contrasting against green background undergrowth - alerts me for a quick snap or two


A Mischievous Pair of Macaws


A mischievous pair of local, free-roaming Macaws in Mount White - volunteering for traffic watch over the highway

Cheerful Lorikeet in Sutherland


Here's cheerful looking Lorikeet birdie in Sutherland - to brighten up a chilly start to the day


Little Corella Munching on a Snack


A Little Corella in Sans Souci - observing the chap below with the camera, whilst munching on a small snack


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