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Shore and Water Birds

Pelican and Friends



A Pelican hanging out with friends - along the Woronora River

Bright Eyed Seagull in Como

  A bright eyed and alert looking Seagull in Como - taking in some early morning vistas across the Georges River

A Purple Swamphen in a Swampy Waterway


A Purple Swamphen - feeling at home in this swampy waterway in Oatley Park

A Little Black Cormorant in Como

  A Little Black Cormorrant at the Como Marina - inspecting the views across the Georges River

Seagulls on Wanda Beach


Some of the local beach bums (aka Seagulls) in Cronulla - soaking up the warm afternoon sun on Wanda Beach

Little Black Cormorant Statue in Scarborough Park


No it's not a bird statue - a Little Black Cormorant, soaking up the warm sunshine, in Scarborough Park

Chestnut Teals cruising in Scarborough Park


A resident family of Chesnut Teals, heading out for a morning outing - along the waterways of Scarborough Park, in Monterey


Chestnut Teals in Scarborough Park


A handsome pair of Chestnut Teals - enjoying a sunny afternoon, cruising the waterways in Scarborough Park reserve


Seagulls in Burnum Burnum Sanctuary


A pair of Seagulls in Burnum Burnum Sanctuary - soaking up some winter sunshine, as they admire the stunning views along the Woronora River

Perky Seagull on Monterey Beach


This perky Seagull on Monterey Beach is very excited about something - and making quite a song and dance over it



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