Views from Hill 60 in Port Kembla

  Hill 60 in Port Kembla is particularly special and inspiring - well worth a steep and arduous cycle ride (Wodiwodi land of the Dharawal people)


Sparkling Illawarra Coastal Views



Sparkling coastal views in the Illawarra - on a morning bicycle ride from Thirroul, down past Bellambi

Along the Shores of Lake Wivenhoe

  Relaxing along the shores of Lake Wivenhoe - some very special country near Esk (Garumga land)


Blue Mountain - Magic Views

  Some of the magic views in the Blue Mountains - taken near Echo Point

Curious Eastern Grey Kangaroos

  A couple of curious, yet friendly Eastern Grey kangaroos - at home with the mob, at Tom Groggin

Clearing Sky over the Woronora River



A decent bit of clear sky and sunshine, in Sydney - for a pleasant walk along the Woronora River


Handsome King Parrot in Cooyar


A very handsome looking King Parrot - peeking down from the trees, in Cooyar


Hiking around Minnamurra Headland

    Some decent coastal views - from a hike around Minnamurra Headland

McCoy Cafe in Cooyar


The McCoy Cafe in Cooyar is worth a visit if you're in the area - clearly biker friendly

Eastern Rosella in Oatley Park

  An Eastern Rosella, in the bushy undergrowth at Mortdale - always on the lookout for these shy, flighty parrots in Oatley Park

Backfence Views in Bellambi



Looking over the back fence, in the backstreets of Bellambi

Backstreets of Birchgrove and Balmain



Scenes from the backstreets of Birchgrove - along the Parramatta River

Passing through Cunningham's Gap and Fassifern Valley

    Splendid morning views near Cunninghams Gap, in the Main Range National Park- heading east into the Fassifern Valley

Handsome Kookaburra at Bradleys Head


A handsome looking Kookaburra - spotted in the bushy parkland at Bradleys Head

Hiking and Birdwatching around Oatley Park



On a mild afternoon hiking and birdwatching, around the splendid Oatley Park reserve


Views across Bellambi Beach

  Looking across Bellambi Beach, near the Blue Lagoon - a very popular hangout for the local seagulls, and other surfer dudes

Wandering around Kiama Harbour and Headland


Wandering around Kiama harbour, beaches and headland - on a very pleasant, warm winter day

Driving through the Snowy River National Park

  Driving along an isolated backroad, from Tubbut to the old McKillops Bridge

A Purple Swamphen Strolling around Blue Lagoon


A Purple Swamphen, taking a casual stroll around the Blue Lagoon - on a very pleasant morning in Bellambi

Minnamurra Headland Views

  Dazzling sunlight and splendid views - on a pleasant afternoon, wandering across Minnamurra Headland

Older Lifestyle in Oak Flats



An older, classic lifestyle - in a quiet, bushy backstreet of Oat Flats

Dazzling Morning Sunlight - Over the Hawkesbury River


Dazzling morning sunlight and colour, over the Hawkesbury River - on a motorbike ride up to Mount White


Early Morning Views - over Botany Bay

  Early morning views over Botany Bay - on a stunning start to the day at Brighton-Le-Sands

Back Hiking around Oatley Park


Back hiking around Oatley Park again - weather's ideal and the bush full of life

Blue Skies and Pleasant Days - on Sydney Harbour



Great to see a shift from recent rainy weather - blue skies and pleasant days, on Sydney Harbour

Decent Scenes from Minnamurra Headlands



Some decent scenes from the headland - on a coastal ride around Minnamurra


Koalas in Thick Bush near Tolmie

  Australian bushcritters don't come much cuter than these two cuddly Koalas - spotted climbing up a gumtree near Tolmie, on a drive past Powers Lookout


Hassans Walls - near Lithgow

  Some decent views on a lengthy hike up to Hassans Walls lookout - on a splendid, fine afternoon near Lithgow

Afternoon Colours over Botany Bay


Afternoon colours and shadows, across Botany Bay - views from Brighton-Le-Sands

Heading Home - Along the Georges River

  Heading home to Blakehurst - after a fishing trip along the Georges River


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