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Backfence Views in Bellambi



Looking over the back fence, in the backstreets of Bellambi

Backstreets of Birchgrove and Balmain



Scenes from the backstreets of Birchgrove - along the Parramatta River

Older Lifestyle in Oak Flats



An older, classic lifestyle - in a quiet, bushy backstreet of Oat Flats

Wandering the Backstreets of Boggabilla


On an early morning wander around the backstreets of Boggabilla - my style of Australian countrytown isolation

Backstreets of Gladesville

  Some decent, peaceful views - wandering about a park in Gladesville

Nature's Artwork at Dusk

  Nature’s artwork on display at dusk - whilst taking an evening stroll through a park in Kingsgrove

Old Working Class Cottage in Kogarah



An old, rundown, working class cottage in Kogarah - exuding a spirit and colourful history

Misty Views from Websters Lookout

  Amisty start to the day at Websters Lookout - Looking across Jewfish Bay, at some bushy backstreets in Lugarno

Backstreet Impressions from Kiama


A few street level views and impressions - on a wander around the backstreets of Kiama

Backyard Pets in Kiama Heights



On a backstreet in Kiama Heights - where the backyards seem very spacious and the pets are rather large


Country Backroads near Gerringong


Wandering around some country backroads, past picturesque farms and cow paddocks - on a very pleasant afternoon in Gerringong

Old Stylish Dwelling in Rockdale

  Older but stylish dwelling in the backstreets of Rockdale - they don't build them like this anymore

Cadmans Cottage in the Rocks

  Wandering around the city backstreets of Sydney - passing by the historic Cadmans Cottage in The Rocks

Wobbly Boot Hotel in Boggabilla



The Wobbly Boot Hotel is another classic country pub, and a personal favorite - bit of a hike on the motorcycle though, down a country backroad in Boggabilla


Street Art in Murwillumbah


Streetart with a local birdlife theme - spotted along a riverside backstreet in Murwillumbah

Morning Stroll in Hervey Bay


Taking an early morning stroll down the backstreets of Hervey Bay - and saying "Hello" to the some of the local residents

Sunset over Johnston Bay


A pleasant evening walk with the dogs, along the backstreets of Pyrmont - as the sun sets over Johnston Bay

Backstreet Views in Waterfall

  Some backstreet views in Waterfall - on a hike into some dense bushlands of the Royal National Park

Classy Old Terrace Houses in Petersham


Some colourful and classy looking cottages - in a backstreet of Petersham, Sydney


The Cottage in Rushcutters Bay Park



The Cottage, in Rushcutters Bay Park -  a charming old heritage building (now a Community Centre)


Leafy Backstreet in Woolloomooloo


Some decent contemporary street art - spotted down a "leafy" backstreet of Woolloomooloo

Winter Skies over Botany Bay


Colourful winter skies around Botany Bay - above the trees and houses of Monterey

Soggy Backyard in Sans Souci

  It was a wee bit soggy in the backyard this morning, after the overnight drenching in Sans Souci - not that the locals were complaining or anything

Country Backstreets in Otford

  Taking a wander along some bushy backstreets in Otford - after a morning hike through the Royal National Park

A Grumpy Baker in Coogee


Stopping by the Grumpy Baker Cafe in South Coogee - he may be a bit surly on a bad morning, but the food is great and the coffee (and views) are real decent

Wandering through the Rocks


Wandering along the backstreets of the Rocks - in downtown Sydney

Down Memory Lane in Hornsby


Taking a walk down memory lane - streetart down a sidelane in Hornsby




Dusk over Kings Wharf


Taking a wander along inner city backstreets and promenades at dusk - King Street Wharf in Sydney


Sydney Skyline in Connells Point


The changing house architectural styles, and Sydney skyline - as demonstrated here in Connells Point, on the Georges River

Streetart in Woolloomooloo



Melaleuca trees and street art - down a city backstreet in Woolloomooloo


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