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Pleasant Backstreet Views in Connells Point

  Urban backstreet living at Connells Point, in Sydney - some very decent views and reasonable summer weather make it worthwhile at times

Leafy Backstreets of Holbrook



On a morning wander in a country town - around the leafy backstreets of Holbrook

The Picnic Steam Train in Wollongong



The Picnic Steam Train, stopping at Wollongong station - heading back from Kiama

Walhalla Goldfields Railway


The old Goldfields Railway, in the historic mining town of Walhalla - along a scenic mountain backroad, in Victoria


Classic Terrace Houses in Waterloo

  Wandering around the backstreets of Waterloo and Redfern - enjoying the charm and beauty of the classic old terrace houses


Backfence Views in Bellambi



Looking over the back fence, in the backstreets of Bellambi

Backstreets of Birchgrove and Balmain



Scenes from the backstreets of Birchgrove - along the Parramatta River

Older Lifestyle in Oak Flats



An older, classic lifestyle - in a quiet, bushy backstreet of Oat Flats

Wandering the Backstreets of Boggabilla


On an early morning wander around the backstreets of Boggabilla - my style of Australian countrytown isolation

Backstreets of Gladesville

  Some decent, peaceful views - wandering about a park in Gladesville

Nature's Artwork at Dusk

  Nature’s artwork on display at dusk - whilst taking an evening stroll through a park in Kingsgrove

Old Working Class Cottage in Kogarah



An old, rundown, working class cottage in Kogarah - exuding a spirit and colourful history

Misty Views from Websters Lookout

  Amisty start to the day at Websters Lookout - Looking across Jewfish Bay, at some bushy backstreets in Lugarno

Backstreet Impressions from Kiama


A few street level views and impressions - on a wander around the backstreets of Kiama

Backyard Pets in Kiama Heights



On a backstreet in Kiama Heights - where the backyards seem very spacious and the pets are rather large


Country Backroads near Gerringong


Wandering around some country backroads, past picturesque farms and cow paddocks - on a very pleasant afternoon in Gerringong

Old Stylish Dwelling in Rockdale

  Older but stylish dwelling in the backstreets of Rockdale - they don't build them like this anymore

Cadmans Cottage in the Rocks

  Wandering around the city backstreets of Sydney - passing by the historic Cadmans Cottage in The Rocks

Wobbly Boot Hotel in Boggabilla



The Wobbly Boot Hotel is another classic country pub, and a personal favorite - bit of a hike on the motorcycle though, down a country backroad in Boggabilla


Street Art in Murwillumbah


Streetart with a local birdlife theme - spotted along a riverside backstreet in Murwillumbah

Morning Stroll in Hervey Bay


Taking an early morning stroll down the backstreets of Hervey Bay - and saying "Hello" to the some of the local residents

Sunset over Johnston Bay


A pleasant evening walk with the dogs, along the backstreets of Pyrmont - as the sun sets over Johnston Bay

Backstreet Views in Waterfall

  Some backstreet views in Waterfall - on a hike into some dense bushlands of the Royal National Park

Classy Old Terrace Houses in Petersham


Some colourful and classy looking cottages - in a backstreet of Petersham, Sydney


The Cottage in Rushcutters Bay Park



The Cottage, in Rushcutters Bay Park -  a charming old heritage building (now a Community Centre)


Leafy Backstreet in Woolloomooloo


Some decent contemporary street art - spotted down a "leafy" backstreet of Woolloomooloo

Winter Skies over Botany Bay


Colourful winter skies around Botany Bay - above the trees and houses of Monterey

Soggy Backyard in Sans Souci

  It was a wee bit soggy in the backyard this morning, after the overnight drenching in Sans Souci - not that the locals were complaining or anything

Country Backstreets in Otford

  Taking a wander along some bushy backstreets in Otford - after a morning hike through the Royal National Park

A Grumpy Baker in Coogee


Stopping by the Grumpy Baker Cafe in South Coogee - he may be a bit surly on a bad morning, but the food is great and the coffee (and views) are real decent


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