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Boganbirds Photos - Overview

A Catalogue of Australian Birds in the Wild and Urban Environments


A catalogue and blog of mainly Australian birds in the wild and city parks and reserves, shown in the context of their surrounding habitat

Black Cockatoo in Minnamurra

  Here's a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, in a bushy tree in Minnamurra - playing hide-and-seek with the guy with a camera

Local Kookaburra in Oatley Park



A Kookaburra on a park bench in Oatley Park, looking for lunch in the undergrowth

King Parrot in Blue Mountains near Glenbrook

  Took these shots of a beautiful King Parrot near Glenbrook, in the Blue Mountains - on a bushwalk along the Jellybean Track

Superb Fairywren in Minnamurra



Very lucky to catch a few quick shots, of this very photogenic Superb Fairywren - on my hike up to Minnamurra headland

Waiting for the Ferry in Saratoga

  Some of the local Pelicans in Saratoga, near Woy Woy - waiting patiently for the ferry to arrive

Rainbow Lorikeets looking Serious

 Normally very chirpy and sociable birds - these two Rainbow Lorikeets, in Oatley Park, are looking very serious about something

Pelican in Flight on Lake Macquarie



Very lucky to capture this decent shot of a Pelican on Lake Macquarie - flying past gracefully, as it cruises around Awaba Bay

Kookaburras Hunting in Oatley Park



A small bunch of Kookaburras in Oatley Park - gathered in a bush clearing near Lime Kiln Bay, for some group hunting and singing


A Cocky Young Galah in Bulli



Here's a cocky young Galah, strutting around a park in Bulli - trying to impress the chicks


Pacific Black Ducks on Lake Bellambi


Pacific Black Ducks on Lake Bellambi - enjoying a leisurely cruise along the waterways, refreshed from the morning tide

Currawong in Oatley Park



A Currawong in Oatley Park - I enjoy their group singing, but often feel a sense of intense scrutiny from these birds, on my bushwalks through the park

Crimson Rosella at Echo Point


I come across these colourful parrots quite often, on my Blue Mountain bushwalks - this Crimson Rosella was on the cliff track near Echo Point


Rainbow Lorikeet - Posing for Camera

  This Rainbow Lorikeet in Oatley Park seemed happy to see me - and not too shy to pose for the camera


Boganbird Mates in Oatley Park


Catching up with some of my boganbird mates in Oatley Park - this Sulphur-crested Cockatoo is either hanging around home, or getting up to some mischief with the gang


Superb Fairywren in Puckeys Estate



Spotted this Superb Fairywren, hopping about in the undergrowth - on a hike through Puckeys Estate reserve

Pelican Cruising on Botany Bay




A Pelican on Botany Bay, near Ramsgate - heading out for an early morning cruise


Neighborly Rainbow Lorikeet


A neighborly Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst - dropping by to say hello, and check out the action


Handsome King Parrot in Woronora

 Here's a very impressive and handsome King Parrot - spotted on a wander around Woronora


Rainbow Lorikeet in Thirroul - amongst the Grevilleas



On a typical Spring day in Thirroul - with a Rainbow Lorikeet amongst the Grevilleas

Handsome King Parrot in Cooyar


A very handsome looking King Parrot - peeking down from the trees, in Cooyar


Eastern Rosella in Oatley Park

  An Eastern Rosella, in the bushy undergrowth at Mortdale - always on the lookout for these shy, flighty parrots in Oatley Park

Handsome Kookaburra at Bradleys Head


A handsome looking Kookaburra - spotted in the bushy parkland at Bradleys Head

A Purple Swamphen Strolling around Blue Lagoon


A Purple Swamphen, taking a casual stroll around the Blue Lagoon - on a very pleasant morning in Bellambi

Pelicans Feeding - in Greenwell Point


Ah! It's lunchtime again - a Pelican feeding frenzy in Greenwell Point, after the fishing boats arrive


Cute, Well-Behaved Aussie Cockatoo


Who you calling a noisy, boganbird brat?


Jolly Looking Kookaburra in Peakhurst

  Here's a very jolly looking Kookaburra in Peakhurst - with something work laughing about

Kookaburra Contemplating over a Meal

  A Kookaburra in Oatley Park at ground level - contemplating on snatching a morsel of food

Old Galah on the Golf Course


An aging but contented Galah in Mortdale - having a snack on the local golf course

Eastern Rosella - Splendour of Nature

  The splendour of nature, demonstrated by this Eastern Rosella and other bird and animal life, is an endless source of amazement and spiritual sustenance


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