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Walking the Dog

Border Collie Buddies in Saratoga

  Here's a couple of cute, Border Collie buddies, Ralph and Regie - out on a walk along Brisbane Water, near Saratoga

Cute Kelpie at Otford Lookout


I met this very cute young Kelpie, on my hike around Otford Lookout - Zaly was only 2 years old, and enjoying her walk and the pleasant views


A Guard Dog on a Farm near Gerroa



Now here's a (not so savage looking) guard dog, I spotted on a country farm near Gerroa

Cute Cocker Spaniels in Oatley Park

  Here's a couple of cute Cocker Spaniel mutts, on their daily walk around Oatley Park - one of my favorite dog breeds


A Fluffy Dog called Mocha


I met a cute, fluffy dog in Darling Harbour, called Mocha -named after her owner's favourite coffee beverage

Alfie the Hungarian Vizsla

  Here comes Alfie, a handsome looking Hungarian Vizsla - having a cautious look before proceeding on his merry way

A Happy Pooch in Connells Point

  Here we have a very cute and happy pooch in Connells Point - cavorting about the park on a morning walk

Cute Daschund in Kulnura


Here's a cute, 10 year old Dachshund in Kulnura, named Kölsch - Hmmn, sausage-dog with a beer sounding name - nice combo


An Energetic Romp in the Park


A couple of young, close mates enjoying an energetic romp together - around an oval at Rushcutters Bay


A Local Mutt in Karuah


One of the local mutts - going for his morning walk, in Karuah



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