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Welcome friends, lovers of animals and bush

My Blog of Mutt Photos and Canine Wisdom


Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm planning to have a lot of fun and share heaps of useless trivia, canine wisdom and insights into a dog's life. Everyone is welcome (except felines of all background and pedigree).

Flotsy on a Walk in Nowra

 Here's Flotsy, a cute 12 yr old Kelpie Blue Heeler cross, in Nowra - enjoying her walk along the Shoalhaven River

Australian Koolie Dog in Minnamurra



I met Lenny, a 5 year old Australian Koolie dog, in Minnamurra - enjoying his daily walk across the Headland

Golden Retriever in Holbrook


Now here's a very handsome Golden Retriever named Harry - enjoying his daily walk in the park, on a pleasant afternoon in Holbrook


Border Collie Buddies in Saratoga

  Here's a couple of cute, Border Collie buddies, Ralph and Regie - out on a walk along Brisbane Water, near Saratoga

Cute Kelpie at Otford Lookout


I met this very cute young Kelpie, on my hike around Otford Lookout - Zaly was only 2 years old, and enjoying her walk and the pleasant views


A Guard Dog on a Farm near Gerroa



Now here's a (not so savage looking) guard dog, I spotted on a country farm near Gerroa

Playing Fetch in Oatley Park



Here's Rokki, a very energetic 6 year old dog I met in Peakhurst Height - enjoying her game of fetch in the afternoon sun


Cute Cocker Spaniels in Oatley Park

  Here's a couple of cute Cocker Spaniel mutts, on their daily walk around Oatley Park - one of my favorite dog breeds


Excited Bassett Hound


It's Monday again, and I'm just soooo excited about the week ahead - according to Ben the Bassett Hound in Oatley Park


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