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Young Cow in Numbaa Paddock



There's always some youngster who wants to wander way from the mob - like this young cow in a paddock in Numbaa

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Friendly Horses in Holbrook

  I spotted these friendly horses in a paddock, on a morning hike around Holbrook - both very keen to wander over and say hello

Cow Paddocks near Willow Vale



Passing a few cow paddocks - on a bicycle ride in the Shoalhaven, from Gerringong to Willow Vale


Eastern Grey Kangaroo with Joey

    Some of my favourite wildlife photos, from my travels in the Snowy Mountains - an Eastern Grey kangaroo with joey, at Tom Groggin

Alpaca in Woori Yallock



A contented looking Alpaca, in Woori Yallock - wandering around a small paddock

Curious Cow in Bolong




Here's a cute, but curious young cow critter - on a farm in Bolong, along the Shoalhaven River


Curious Eastern Grey Kangaroos

  A couple of curious, yet friendly Eastern Grey kangaroos - at home with the mob, at Tom Groggin

Koalas in Thick Bush near Tolmie

  Australian bushcritters don't come much cuter than these two cuddly Koalas - spotted climbing up a gumtree near Tolmie, on a drive past Powers Lookout


Cute Alpacas in Peats Ridge



Some cute, healthy looking Alpacas - just chilling out on a farm near Peats Ridge


Curious Cows near Mount Lindesay


A curious mob of cows - on a farm near Mount Lindesay

Eastern Grey Kangaroo near Tom Groggin

  An Eastern Grey Kangaroo, grazing in the early morning - in mountain bushland near Tom Groggin

Cow Paddocks near Gerringong



Lush looking cow paddocks and farmland - on the outskirts of Gerringong

Cute and Friendly Goat near Gerringong

  A very cute and friendly goat in Gerringong - poking a head over the fence to say hello

Kangaroo Mob at Tom Groggin


Some of my bushcritter mates, down in the Alpine country - a mob of kangaroos, grazing in mountain fields at Tom Groggin

Friendly Local Horse in Kulnurra


Saying hello to one of the friendly locals - on a country outing to Kulnura 

Curious Sheep Critter near Peats Ridge


A curious looking sheep critter, on a farm near Peats Ridge - not use to having a passing biker pull up and snap some travel pics


Scowling Cow in Minamurra


The friendly and curious smile on this cow's face soon changed to a scowl in Minnamurra - once the pestering birds gathered around


A Water Dragon in Oatley park


One of the many Water Dragons (and other lizards) to be found near the ponds and waterways of Oatley Park


Pleasant Farm Scenes near Crookwell

  Pleasant farm scenes and cute farm critters - in the highlands near Crookwell

Cheeky Young Grey Kangaroo


Now here's a cute, and very cheeky young grey kangaroo bushcritter - spotted on a bushbashing ride past Tom Groggins

Farm Scenes near Peats Ridge


Riding north past some decent farmland - on a decent sunny day near Peats Ridge


Shy Young Lady Cow in Curramore


Now here's a shy young lady, with lovely eyebrows and punkish style earstuds - peering out from behind a tree, on a dairy farm near Curramore


Mum and Son near Towrang

  Mum and son posing - it's looking rather dry on the cattle farm, near Towrang

Fine Looking Lady Milkers


A couple of fine looking lady milkers in Curramore - comparing notes


Saying Hello to some Mates in Sans Souci

  Working again in Sans Souci this morning - just enough time to drop by and say hello to a couple of good mates in the area

Cute Alpaca on the Farm


A cute looking Alpaca - grazing on a sheep farm near Crookwell

Horse Farm in Ramsgate

  I had a tight work schedule, but still managed to drop by the farm in Ramsgate - and say g'day to my good mate Lionel

Farmland near Gerroa


Cows grazing on farmland near Gerroa - on a country coastal hike from Berry to Gerringong


Farm Scene near Mt Lindsay



A quaint farm scene near Mt Lindsay



Sheep Farm near Dangarsleigh


Ewe with young lambs - on a sheep farm near Dangarsleigh


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