Views around Suggan Buggan and Wulgulmerang


Views of some very beautiful and precious country, near Suggan Buggan and Wulgulmerang - from a trip through the Snowy River National Park

Hiking along Botany Bay

  Very pleasant across Botany Bay - on a hike from Monterey to Ramsgate, before a thunderstorm came over and spoiled the views

Cute Kelpie at Otford Lookout


I met this very cute young Kelpie, on my hike around Otford Lookout - Zaly was only 2 years old, and enjoying her walk and the pleasant views


Hiking around Bald Hill and Otford Lookout

  Finding plenty of blue in the cloudy skies, plus some very splendid coastal views - on a hike up to Bald Hill, and Otford Lookout

Bushwalking around Govetts Leap

  With ideal hiking weather in the Blue Mountains, I made the effort for a decent and refreshing bushwalk around Govetts Leap - near the National Parks Heritage Centre in Blackheath (very precious Dharug and Darkinung country)

Brisbane City and River Views

 Views of Brisbane city and along the river, around sunrise - on a short photography excursion to QLD


Lengthy Bushwalk in the Blue Mountains



Enjoying a long bushwalk in the Blue Mountains - along the beautiful cliff tracks in Katoomba


Decent Views along the Illawarra Coast

  Some stunning weather and views along the Illawarra coast - for a quick cycle ride down from Thirroul to Bellambi


Pelican in Flight on Lake Macquarie



Very lucky to capture this decent shot of a Pelican on Lake Macquarie - flying past gracefully, as it cruises around Awaba Bay

Views around Minnamurra Headland and River

  Blessed with some pleasant, sunny weather in Minnamurra - and capturing some stunning views, on a bicycle ride around the headland and river


A Morning Wander around Oatley Bay



Moody, overcast skies but still very pleasant, with some colourful views - on a morning wander around Oatley Bay


A Guard Dog on a Farm near Gerroa



Now here's a (not so savage looking) guard dog, I spotted on a country farm near Gerroa

Macauleys Headland near Coffs Harbour



On a late afternoon bushwalk around Macauleys Headland - in Coffs Harbour

Views around Hill 60 in Port Kembla

  On a splendid day for hiking in the Illawarra - I extended my weekly bike ride to Port Kembla, and captured some stunning views from Hill 60


Morning Hike to Shelly Beach - near Bateau Bay


On a pleasant, sunny day on the Central Coast - enjoying a brisk, morning hike up to Shelly Beach, near Bateau Bay


Hiking around Scylla Bay in Como



On a splendid afternoon in Como - couldn't resist a hike around Scylla Bay, and along the Georges River


Kookaburras Hunting in Oatley Park



A small bunch of Kookaburras in Oatley Park - gathered in a bush clearing near Lime Kiln Bay, for some group hunting and singing


Morning Bushwalk near Otford

  Some inspiring scenes, from an invigorating morning bushwalk - through the National Park, up to Otford Lookout (Dharawal country)


Illawarra Country Scenes

  Enjoying some very nice weather and country scenes, in the Illawarra - on a bikeride from Dapto out to Wongawilli


Sunny Afternoon Views around Kiama

  Here's some decent coastal views, on a sunny afternoon around Kiama - where I ended a coastal bike ride through the Illawarra


Bushwalk around Govetts Leap


On a very chilly day in the Blue Mountains - enjoying some stunning views at Govetts Leap in Blackheath, on a bushwalk down to Bridal Veil Falls


Hiking along Minnamurra River

  On another decent day in Minnamurra - for a pleasant hike along the river, and up to the headland


Bush Scenes at Murray Gorge and Tom Groggin Campground

  Some splendid scenery around Murray Gorge, and Tom Groggin campground - from my lasr trip through the Kosciuszko National Park


Bicycle Ride along Dora Creek

  On a mild, sunny day on the Central Coast - enjoying a bike ride along Dora Creek, up to Lake Macquarie


Killalea Reserve in Shell Cove

  On a bushwalk around the beautiful and precious Killalea Reserve, on a stunning day in the Illawarra (Dharawal country)


Parramatta River Views from Balmain

    Some decent city and water views - looking across the Parramatta River, from Balmain

Sunrise Views over Botany Bay

  Capturing some sunrise views over Botany Bay - on a very chilly morning in Brighton-le-Sands


Ian Geddes Bush Reserve



Enjoying an invigorating morning bushwalk in Holbrook - through the beautiful and precious Ian Geddes bush reserve (land of the Wiradjuri people)

A Cocky Young Galah in Bulli



Here's a cocky young Galah, strutting around a park in Bulli - trying to impress the chicks


Country Scenes around Holbrook


On a cool, but very sunny day in Holbrook - ideal for a lengthy hike around the town outskirts, enjoying some splendid scenery



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