Cute Rainbow Lorikeets in Gunnamatta Park


Two very cute Rainbow Lorikeets - checking the action from their tree house in Gunnamatta Park, Cronulla


Winter Skies over Botany Bay


Colourful winter skies around Botany Bay - above the trees and houses of Monterey

Pleasant Winter Day on Botany Bay

  It was quite cloudy but remarkedly mild, and very pleasant on Botany Bay - down in Monterey

Chestnut Teals Crusing along Lime Kiln Bay

 Two Chestnut Teal Female Ducks - cruising along Lime Kiln Bay, in Oatley Bay

Farm Scenes near Peats Ridge


Riding north past some decent farmland - on a decent sunny day near Peats Ridge


Saying Hello to Jackie in Mount White


Stopping for coffee at The Old Road Cafe in Mount White - can't forget to say hello to Jackie

Coffee Break at Mount White

  A bit nippy for an early bike ride upto the Central Coast - but the glorious sunshine, and a couple of coffee breaks along the way made it well worthwhile

Willy Wagtail by the River

  A Willy Wagtail, jumping all over the place -alongside the river in Scarborough Park reserve

Little Corellas seeing Eye to Eye


Two Little Corellas at Sandringham Beach - not always seeing eye to eye


Decent Winter Morning on Botany Bay


Now that's more like it - a cold but decent looking morning over Botany Bay, down at Brighton-Les-Sands

Ducks Swimming in the Backyard


Some of the local ducks, swimming in the backyard "swimming pool" - after some heavy rain in Sans Souci

Soggy Backyard in Sans Souci

  It was a wee bit soggy in the backyard this morning, after the overnight drenching in Sans Souci - not that the locals were complaining or anything

Cute Mutt in Gunnamatta Park



Here's a cute looking mutt in Gunnamatta Park, Cronulla - chomping on an oversize stick


Shy Young Lady Cow in Curramore


Now here's a shy young lady, with lovely eyebrows and punkish style earstuds - peering out from behind a tree, on a dairy farm near Curramore


Sharp Looking Pied Currawong


A very sharp looking Pied Currawong - spotted in the undergrowth in Oatley Park


Fence Sitting Cockatoo


A bored looking, fence-sitting Sulfur-crested Cockatoo in Alawah - clearly looking to get up to some mischef with the gang


From a Lookout in Bangor

  Some pretty decent views from a lookout in Bangor, along the Yates Point trail - and overlooking the Woronora River

Mum and Son near Towrang

  Mum and son posing - it's looking rather dry on the cattle farm, near Towrang

A Colourfull Floral Setting


Here's a colourful, floral setting to brighten a wintry morning





Sharp Looking Seagull in Kogarah Bay


Here's a sharp looking Seagull down at Kogarah Bay - with a seemingly fixed gaze upon something or other

Pair of Masked Lapwings on Sandringham Beach


A pair of Masked Lapwings (plovers) - looking for food at low tide, on Sandringham Beach

Fine Looking Lady Milkers


A couple of fine looking lady milkers in Curramore - comparing notes


A Local Mutt in Karuah


One of the local mutts - going for his morning walk, in Karuah


White-face Heron in Karuah


A White-faced Heron - spotted on the riverbank near Karuah




Country Backstreets in Otford

  Taking a wander along some bushy backstreets in Otford - after a morning hike through the Royal National Park

Galahs at Connells Point


Here's a Galah down at Connells Point - getting excited as the morning sun warms the park

A Raven in Beverley Park


An Australian Raven in Beverley Park - spreading his cape (er. wings) for a soft landing

Garrawarra Ridge Trail

  Back in the Royal National Park on a very chilly morning - hiking upto Werrong Lookout from Otford, along the Garrawarra Ridge trail


Pelican going for a Stroll


Now here's a very happy looking Pelican birdie, going for a peaceful stroll by himself, down by the Woronora River - although he suspects he may be followed, by some gullible fans

A Grumpy Baker in Coogee


Stopping by the Grumpy Baker Cafe in South Coogee - he may be a bit surly on a bad morning, but the food is great and the coffee (and views) are real decent


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