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King Parrot in Blue Mountains near Glenbrook

  Took these shots of a beautiful King Parrot near Glenbrook, in the Blue Mountains - on a bushwalk along the Jellybean Track

Rainbow Lorikeets looking Serious

 Normally very chirpy and sociable birds - these two Rainbow Lorikeets, in Oatley Park, are looking very serious about something

A Cocky Young Galah in Bulli



Here's a cocky young Galah, strutting around a park in Bulli - trying to impress the chicks


Crimson Rosella at Echo Point


I come across these colourful parrots quite often, on my Blue Mountain bushwalks - this Crimson Rosella was on the cliff track near Echo Point


Rainbow Lorikeet - Posing for Camera

  This Rainbow Lorikeet in Oatley Park seemed happy to see me - and not too shy to pose for the camera


Boganbird Mates in Oatley Park


Catching up with some of my boganbird mates in Oatley Park - this Sulphur-crested Cockatoo is either hanging around home, or getting up to some mischief with the gang


Neighborly Rainbow Lorikeet


A neighborly Rainbow Lorikeet in Peakhurst - dropping by to say hello, and check out the action


Handsome King Parrot in Woronora

 Here's a very impressive and handsome King Parrot - spotted on a wander around Woronora


Rainbow Lorikeet in Thirroul - amongst the Grevilleas



On a typical Spring day in Thirroul - with a Rainbow Lorikeet amongst the Grevilleas

Handsome King Parrot in Cooyar


A very handsome looking King Parrot - peeking down from the trees, in Cooyar



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