Cockatoo in Centennial Park


Here's Sulfur-crested Cockato in Centennial Park - Strutting its stuff all over the place

Cool and Fresh in Kogarah Bay


A bit cool and fresh at Kogarah Bay, this morning - with a clear sky and signs of a pleasant, warm day ahead

Wandering through the Rocks


Wandering along the backstreets of the Rocks - in downtown Sydney

White-browed Scrubwren in Oatley Park


A little White-browed Scrubwren in Oatley Park - kept fidgeting and flittering about, but wasn't too camera-shy


Pleasant Day in South Cronulla


Another very pleasant May day - in South Cronulla, near Blackwoods Beach


Sunrise over the Georges River


Sunrise over the Georges River this morning - from Tom Uglys bridge, in Sylvania

Lorikeets in a Camellia Tree


Rainbow Lorikeets in Peakhurst - exploring their prospects from a Camellia Tree

Down Memory Lane in Hornsby


Taking a walk down memory lane - streetart down a sidelane in Hornsby




Kookaburra Swooping in Sutherland


A Kookaburra at Sutherland Oval - swooping on prey it spooted from a fence

Sunset over Scarborough Park


A decent sunset over Scarborough Park in Monterey - a good time to reflect on the day that's passed


Cute Crested Pigeon in Moore Reserve

 Here's one of the resident Crested Pigeons in Moore Reserve - a common yet very sweet looking bird

Odd Pair of Cormorants


Here's an odd pair of Cormorants, teaming up in Oatley Park - a Little Pied Cormorant alongside a Little Black Cormorant

Cute and Fluffy Little Corellas in Bexley


A cute and fluffy, well-behaved pair of Little Corellas - perched placidly upon a power line in Bexley (I suspect there's an oxymoron somewhere in all that)

Musk Lorikeet in Peakhurst

A Musk Lorikeet amongst the Eucalyptus blossums in Peakhurst - not as common in this area as theRainbow Lorikeet

Hiking through the National Park


A pleasant for a wander through the Royal National Park - near Waterfall

Stuck-up Brush Turkey in Lane Cove


Here's a rather stuck-up looking Brush Turkey - spotted in Stringybark Creek Reserve, Lane Cove North

Dusk over Kings Wharf


Taking a wander along inner city backstreets and promenades at dusk - King Street Wharf in Sydney


Saying Hello to some Mates in Sans Souci

  Working again in Sans Souci this morning - just enough time to drop by and say hello to a couple of good mates in the area

New Holland Honeyeater in Gerringong


A New Holland Honeyeater in Gerringong - tucking into some Grevillea blossoms

Hilltop Views over Kiama


Some splendid hilltop views over Kiama - on another pleasant May morning in the Illawarra region of NSW


Kookaburra in Burraneer Park


The Australian Kookaburra, like this handsome sample in Burraneer Park, is often found perched silently and vigilantly for long periods

Cute Alpaca on the Farm


A cute looking Alpaca - grazing on a sheep farm near Crookwell

A Young Rottweiler in Kogarah

  Here's a healthy, stout young Rottweiler in Kogarah named Kilo (close to 70 kilos by my reckoning) - his owner was a bit slow mentioning Kilo's fervent dislike of cameras

Jackie at The Old Road Cafe

  Here's Jackie at the Old Road Cafe in Mount White - still wandering amongst the bikers and chewing on the odd stick

Sydney Skyline in Connells Point


The changing house architectural styles, and Sydney skyline - as demonstrated here in Connells Point, on the Georges River

Streetart in Woolloomooloo



Melaleuca trees and street art - down a city backstreet in Woolloomooloo

Woolly Pooches on a Sheep Farm


A bunch of woolly pooches, posing for the camera - there's always one black sheep in the family


Horse Farm in Ramsgate

  I had a tight work schedule, but still managed to drop by the farm in Ramsgate - and say g'day to my good mate Lionel

Farmland near Gerroa


Cows grazing on farmland near Gerroa - on a country coastal hike from Berry to Gerringong


More Streetart in Woolloomooloo




Some more of the backstreet art in Woolloomooloo




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